Check your equipment before you leave home! Bring tablecloths (everyone), tables, gazebos and weights. Sandbags and water weights are the best. Bricks do not work and you will not be allowed to set up your gazebo without adequate weights. You can fill water weights from the tap in the toilets.

Please do not set up until you have seen a market manager, checked in and been allocated a pitch. We change the set-up plan each time, depending on number of stalls attending.



There is free parking in the St Martin’s Approach Car Park on Sundays. On the seasonal Saturday markets, please remember to pay and display or park in the surrounding residential roads. St Martin’s Approach is a 2 minute walk to the barn — closer if you have an outside craft pitch! Food stalls are in the front courtyard; access is from Bury Street: you may unload onto the pavement outside, go and park, then come back to set up. Under no circumstances are any traders to drive onto the long driveway.

Great Barn, Manor Farm, Ruislip HA4 7SU

Set up

Set up starts at 8.30am. If you can set up quickly, you can arrive later, as long as you are good to go by 10am! All stalls must be fully set up and ready to trade by 10am.


There are lovely toilets, including disabled ones immediately outside the barn, they are clean and warm and fairly posh!


The market is open from 10am to 3pm. If it is a very good day and there are lots of customers still on site at 3pm we will remain open for another half hour. If still busy we will extend again.The market will always close by 4pm. Please do not close your stall until you are sure the market is closed. As one stall holder pointed out: it takes a lot of effort to pack up all the stock, cram it in the car, set up your stall — if there’s a chance of more sales, why not stay for another half hour? — it could make the difference between a good day and a bad day!



Duck Pond Market Limited
Sort code 08-92-50
Acount 68629915


PO Box 1120

Make cheques out to Duck Pond Markets Limited

Fees are due one week before the market to get the early bird rate, see Makers & Traders for pitch fees.


If you have booked dates, unless you give one weeks notice in email, pitch fees will be due. If you have paid and would like to cancel, one weeks notice is required. Refunds are given in the form of credit to attend a later date.


You start at Ruislip with an outside pitch. Inside pitches are at our discretion. Bay pitches are very popular as they are larger so we offer them on a merit basis, considering display, type of stock, attendance and popularity with customers.To keep an inside pitch you need to attend at least 10 markets each year.  
The barn the floor must be protected if you are likely to leave any kind of mess and NOTHING can be stuck or pinned to the 800 year old walls of the barn! All banners and posters must be tied up.


The market is Interesting. Local. Ethical. Sustainable — stalls must be all these things! Underlying this is friendliness: it is just as important that the personality as well as the stock fits into the market. Duck Pond Market has always enjoyed a friendly, relaxed vibe, with people being helpful and pleasant to each other. New stall holders comment on how lovely this is. Please add to this vibe, rather than take away from it. Issues will arise: with other people, with how the market is run, or with things that happen — please come to the market manager so we can fix it! Please don't moan and groan and frown and snipe about whatever it is — We are confident that everything can be sorted out if we address it face on and deal with it.


We have flyers and posters for you to distribute — on the day and away from the market. Please find us if you're running short.

Ruislip is an established market with excellent attendance — 2500 on a good day! Spread the word: join and follow @duckpondmarket on Twitter and Instagram — and retweet!

See you soon
Caron &The DuckyTeam x