Local, Ethical, Sustainable

At Duck Pond we REALLY love our planet - we love the animals and humans living on it too and we are really very keen on helping to make it last for ours and our childrens lifetimes and way way way beyond. This is why, since we launched in 2008, we have proudly made certain that only products that are ethically, locally or sustainably made, sourced or produced, are being sold at our markets. You can be sure that everything you buy at DPM comes from 'a good place'. 


Locally Made

The majority of our stallholders sell LOCALLY made products. Many of these products cross over into ethical or sustainable too - but it basically means that they've been small batch produced, by hand, by a single person or small business, locally. No air miles, no transport costs - other than getting the stock to market, and most importantly supporting the local economy, giving back to your community and keeping your pound in the hands of small independents, and out of the tills of the large companies, who already get a LOT from us! 



To us, an ethical product is a product that has been made with social responsibility at its heart. There are a small proportion of stallholders selling bought in products at DPM, but each one has been carefully vetted to ensure that the workers that made it were paid well, kindly treated and supported fairly in their business. We will accept Fair Trade products, ones that support a charity and of course, we would absolutely expect our traders to be sourcing ethically reared meat and eggs. We certainly would not expect any factory or intensively farmed meat or non free range eggs to be being used as any part the products sold. 

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To us, a sustainable product means that in its making, there is nothing included that might use up finite resources on our planet or harm the life living on it. We LOVE organic, reusable, up cycled, compostable and second hand. There is enough already existing, so why not reduce, reuse, recycle. We don't allow our traders to bring single use plastic to market - we strongly advise using compostable packaging, and as of 2018 we are banning the sale of bottled water at DPM. In 2017 we banned the use of palm oil. We endeavour to keep ourselves educated on current global issues relating to products such as this to help us act as responsibly as possible. 

We believe that we all have the opportunity to vote for the world we want to live in through the way we choose to spend our money. By identifying the causes that are close to our hearts we can make buying decisions, choosing companies whose values are aligned to our own. Additionally, by choosing alternatives, we can all send a powerful message to the corporations that we don’t support.

Traders arriving on public transport will be given coverage /priority indoor pitches where possible. 

We encourage the use of solar powered or rechargeable power where possible. 

We aim to encourage conservation of raw materials and energy. 

We pledge to continuously monitor the environmental impact of the market and its traders.

We are committed to working in a responsible manner and to protect our environment. 

We are a fur free market.

No single use plastics are accepted at DPM (carrier bags, plastic wrapping, plates, cutlery and straws are all required to be biodegradable, recyclable or compostable). 

We pledge to keep our staff and traders aware of their environmental responsibility. 

join us!

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