We'd like you to join us and add to the atmosphere

After you have introduced yourself, we usually ask for photos, not only of your products, but of your stall set up. We like to see your display skills as well as your wares! Presentation is very important — as is customer service: tablecloths and smiles must be used! Personality is as important as beautiful stock and display — we are a family!

Complete the Paperwork

If you are accepted onto our list, the next stage is to please print out the application form, complete it by hand and send it with copies of your supporting documents in the old-fashioned post. We do not want it on email, thank-you: once you've been accepted and invited to send the application form, we need a hard copy posted along with all the supporting paperwork (see below for details). We know it seems old fashioned — but it's our theory that actually putting pen to paper and feet to pavement to send us the paperwork shows that you really want to join us! (ooh one thing - please do not send recorded or signed for - ironically we struggle to get these as we aren't always in the office and they often don't get redelivered) 

Prepare yourself

Take out public liability insurance — these two offer reasonable prices... G.M.Imber & Sons or the National Market Traders Federation (NMTF)

We need a copy of your insurance certificate!

Once you have your trial date confirmed, review your stall presentation, set up and branding: Duck Pond stalls are the best in the business — and work hard to stay that way!

Sign up to our Facebook Duck Pond Stallholders page - it's a mine of support and helpful information and news once you join the family! 

Find your own equipment: clean and tidy tables, tablecloths, A STURDY POP-UP GAZEBO, HEAVY weights and display props.

We do not provide any equipment. 

Food traders

You need to register as a food business with your local council and everyone working on your stall needs a hygiene certificate.

ALL TRADERS PLEASE NOTE - we do not allow single use plastic into our markets. Biodegradable or compostable packaging must be used. This applies to all stalls. Please refer to our ETHOS page for full info.

Market Information

Booking in

Once you have completed your trial market, please drop us email stating the the markets and dates you are interested in. We will check availability, confirm your pitches and ask for payment. Pitches booked and paid for early (more than 5 working days before market date) are charged at the early bird rate. Pitches booked in or paid for in the week running up to your requested market date should included the £5 late fee.

Please note: all pitch fees should be paid in advance, unpaid pitches are not secure but are still subject to the cancellation policy.


Payments by bank transfer (BACS), please.

Duck Pond Markets Ltd. Co-operative Bank
Sort code 08-92-50
Account number 6862 9915

Please use your name and the date of the market you are paying for as a reference

Due Date & Late Payment

Fees are due at least one week in advance* The payment needs to be cleared with us by the Monday of the week you are attending the market.  If you pay later than this, a £5 fee is due. 

We do this to be able to plan and promote the markets, to be able to offer pitches to traders on our waiting lists and and to ensure you are committed to turning up, as well ensure Duck Pond Markets remain reliably open in all weathers!

*Pitch fees for November and December (peak times) are due one month in advance.


We live in England. England has unreliable weather. You must commit to coming, regardless of the weather forecast! We cannot operate a market with fair weather traders. We ALWAYS open the market as long as it is safe to do so. 

We do not give credits to traders that cancel for poor weather and those cancelling within the 5 day period will still need to pay for their booked pitches.

If you think you might be a fair weather trader, you can't book pitches in advance. Email us once you've checked the weather to see if we still have space for you!


If you wish to cancel your booking then we require 5 working day notice, in writing (email!) stating the reason you wish to cancel. The following applies to ALL stallholders;

If you are cancelling 5 working days or more before your booking;

You are not expected to pay for your booking.

If you have already paid, we will either push the payment over to your next booking OR hold the payment in credit until you book in again.

If you are cancelling within the 5-day period;

You are still liable to for the pitch payment in full / We do not push payments over to other booking or credit payment made.

Stallholders cancelling within the 5-day limit period because of predicted poor weather are still liable for the pitch payment, so please think hard about your cancellation before you let us know.

We do understand that sometimes life gets in the way and so please let us know as soon as possible what the issue is and we will always be as helpful and reasonable as we can.

Discount Codes:


This code allows existing stall holders £10 off of your first try at any of our markets (excluding all pop-ups).

Existing stallholders only.

Code cannot be used for trial markets or pop ups.

Code must be quoted upon booking and cannot be applied retrospectively.

Code cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

Offer not available from 7th Septmember to 31st December. 


This code allows existing stall holders £10 off of all bookings for Richmond Artisan, Richmond Foodies, Chalfont Artisan and Henley Artisan, throughout January 2019.

Existing stallholders only.

Offer not available for Ruislip Foodies, Ruislip Artisan, Highgate Artisan or Paradise by way of Kensal Green.

Code cannot be used for trial markets or pop ups.

Code must be quoted upon booking and cannot be applied retrospectively.

To receive the discount your pitch must be paid for in advance.

Code cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

Offer valid until 27th Jan .