Which of the Duck Pond sites are licensed?

Ruislip is a licensed site, indoors only. For stallholders this means that a licensed pitch costs £30 at the Foodies Market and £50 at the Artisan Market.

Henley is a licensed site, outdoors.

Highgate is a licensed site, indoors.

Richmond is not licensed. Please liaise with us before applying for TENs.

Chalfont St Giles is not licensed. Apply for TEN.

Kensal (The Paradise) is in a pub so not appropriate to sell alcohol!

Can you send me all of the dates for..?

Our market are held on regular days of the month and so its easy to work out when they are on. We do have an ongoing calendar on the home page of our website and generally our dates will be published on our Facebook page header.

Do I have to stay for the whole duration of the market? (Can I leave if I sell out?)

Yes, all stallholders are expected to stay the very end of the market. When traders start to pack up it sends a subliminal message to the customers that we are closing and they will generally start to leave also. This can be very upsetting for the traders that are still trying to sell their products. If you need to leave early then you must let the office or market manager know before we open and you will then be located in a position whereby your early pack up does not affect the rest of the traders.

What is a “trial market”?

A trial market is your first market with us and your opportunity to work out if the market you have chosen is the best fit for you and your products. We use the trial market to you look at your stall and your products and to meet you in person. We often make gentle suggestions on how we’d like you to develop your stall. Hopefully you’ll find them helpful! x

What is the footfall at…?

This is always a tricky question to answer as footfall can be dependant on so many different things including weather, other local events and the time of year. All of our market locations are really well attended and supported by the locals. We hate running bad markets so we don’t!

Can I share my pitch with my friend who sells…?

You can but your friend will need to apply first and have their products approved through the website. Then of course you can share, we love good sharing!

Do I have to pay for a trial market pitch?

Yes, a trial market pitch is charged at the same rate as every other pitch - pitch fee details available on the makers and Traders page of our website

Can I add products to my stall that were not on my original application?

Yes, however anything new that you you wish to add to your stall should first be approve by us by email. This is to ensure the provenance of everything sold at the markets, avoid duplication, and surprises!

Can I chose my pitch location?

No, your pitch could change every time you attend. We always decide pitch location  and will show you to your spot when you arrive at market. Of course - requests are always taken into consideration!

How do I book in a pitch?

Once you have completed a trial market with us and been approved then you only need send us a list of dates that you wish to attend, we will check availability and then book you in.